Friday, 13 June 2014

There be monsters!

Picked up this guy in Adelaide from one of the only miniature shops in the city back in 1995. Still using enamels back then, but at least my technique was improving. This was one of the first models I started blending colours and grading them. It was also the first time I began to "ink" by thinning down the paint to get it into the recesses.

This Wyvern has seen many tabletop battles and is quite the champ.

Dwarf Hydra
Scored this Ral Partha from Tin Soldier in Sydney.
I had always wanted to paint a hydra in greens and yellow underscales and finally I was into acrylics.

Fighting Serpent
I can't even remember where I picked up the fighting serpent, (Sydney somewhere), but it was such a great model I even painted it fairly quickly.
The patterning on the body I wanted to be subtle, but not too subtle. I imagined his weapons to be made from volcanic obsidian.
This fella has been used to devastating effect in an Oldhammer 3rd ed chaos warband - sidling in as a Gorgon with a gaze of petrification. First of his casualties was a stone troll - which was kinda ironic.

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