Friday, 20 June 2014

Mortimer - Necromancer of Nurgle

Introducing my first Realm of Chaos Champion - Mortimer - Necromancer of Nurgle.

I think this model is an old citadel plastic Bright Wizard, but I cut the top of the staff and replaced it with a few skulls. Painted him up in his death-robe and rolled him up from the Realms of Chaos rulebooks. A nice level 15 wizard with a vampiric chaos sword. A fine start.

I would run many, many skirmishes with friends in 1998 and onwards; Mortimer not always winning, but more importantly, staying alive and using his warband to take the hits for him, including his never failing, trusted green crystal beastman. Summoning skeletons was one of his first moves on the field and always a great way to surprise the opponent!

Over the years he began to change, becoming fatter and fatter, balder and balder and more powerful. After a particularly savage battle, Nurgle himself decided to bless Mortimer by rotting off all the flesh from his face, thus creating a truly fearsome sight. Everyone would know to fear the Necromancer of Nurgle! 

Replacing his sword with the powerful Staff of Nurgle and creating Death Heads from his fallen enemies, Mortimer became very feared by anyone that stood against him.

Blessed again by Nurgle, Mortimer gained the ability to regenerate and a final gift from his deity was a high pitched, squeaky voice. Now he would shriek at his warband. The warband had become strong.

Mortimer finally met his death in the fearsome battle against the Dark Elves in 1989. See the battle report for details. Is it over? No. Not yet, for the champion belongs to Nurgle for a year and a day as an undead champion before he is allowed to rest in Oblivion.

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