Sunday, 15 June 2014


Sci-Fi week challenge got me thinking about what I hadn't painted in that range and whilst looking through some old plastic, found these two dreads, yellowing with age, missing weapons. Perfect!

I got to work priming, basing and then stippling. The parts needed to be painted separately. Way too hard to try to paint it when glued together. A few misc odds and ends would do for the missing weapons of the second dread.

I wanted to go for a relatively clean look, based a little on the ED209 look from Robocop. To achieve this I did a full drybrush stipple of the grey parts to get that 80's old computer plastic feel, boosted by hard sharp black lines. Colours I wanted to be minimal, so mostly red - blue for the plasma canon.

After a lot of delicate inking, they started to come together and with more inking to "grease" the moving parts up a bit and redoing the red indents twice, they started to become the robotic terrors I imagined.

These battlebots were probably designed by the Arbitrators to go deep into the Hive to destroy the mutant horros of the sump, but after hundreds of years, the AI has gone rogue, turning the metal monster into a Hive terror in itself, stalking the Underhive, mowing down anything that moves.


  1. These are bloody excellent mate, I'm in love.

  2. Hahahaha - Thank you Bruno - Mebee I'll hunt your gang down with these mechanical monstrosities one day.