Friday, 20 June 2014

The Fantasy Girls

Ice Elf Sorceress

The model here is the Dark Elf Sorceress from GW and I didn't mind the pointy headdress, but it lacked a little something. I therefore bect it into a different shape and inserted a bead which then determined much of the resulting colour scheme.

The staff was next to change, as I despised the stupid looking oversized skull, so I replaced it with another bead and just left it as a magical ice crystal.

I don't really collect dark elves, or any elves for that matter, but if it starts, she will be the one that starts it. The army of the Ice Elves.

Dancing Girl

This model I picked up in Mind Games in Sydney. It was such a lovely sculpt, I just had to paint it.
Perhaps one day I will have enough good models for a diorama I have in mind. This dancer will be in it.

The Female Flagellant

Can't quite remember where I picked up this model, but I'm going to hazard a guess it was also at Mind Games in Sydney. The pose in this model was too good to pass up and even though I forget the actual name of the sculpt, when I saw it I knew she was the perfect self-harmer to lead my crew of insane diseased flagellants. Yes, yes there will be a group photo when they are finally finished.

Beer Garden Beauty

A really nice and quite challenging model to paint from Impact! Miniatures. I had this model in my unpainted girls pile for way too long till the Painting Challenge went up on the Oldhammer forum to paint a non-Citadel or GW model in one week.
Gave me a chance to finish off those resin barrels too!

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