Friday, 6 June 2014


Inspired by this illustration below that I saw in a White Dwarf mag, I made a D&D Trollslayer character named Slade. Berserker, alcoholic, dull of wit but keen of smell, I gave much mirth to our role-playing group.
Little did I know then that the image was of Gotrek Gurnisson.

Slade became the model that started me collecting dwarves. I picked him up in Hornsby for quite a pricey sum - all sweet in his blister. Demonslayer eh? Seems he had been busy since my roleplaying days.

OMG - I was still using enamels. I even used a pin to do the tattoos with glug-paint. Got my first gemstone spot on though.
I haven't really done too much else to this model except a bit of paint-maint.

This model isn't that of Gotrek - that one would come later from a friend who swapped Gotrek and Felix for some nicely painted lizardmen.

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