Friday, 6 June 2014

Fenwalker Filth Brigade - Plaguebearers

I was given a big handful of models by a friend of mine which included 16 plaguebearers.
I had been working on a Chaos army for years and it was getting quite extensive.

I finally decided to knuckle down and finish the unit in one go.

These were sprayed with green enamel when I got them.
I stuck with this as the undercoat and got busy on them with acrylics, changing them all.

The standard bearer I modded. Bent his arm and drilled it to insert a banner I had previously used with... um.. skeletons, I think. cut the rest from the Marauder plastics I had left over.

The bases I finished off with flock and railroad gravel, as per my usual chaos basing, but for this Fen-walking Filth Brigade, I added the same liquid Glass gloss I used on the guts and wounds on the base as well, to give it that "soggy" look. Finished it off with Army Painter Battlefield swamp tufts which really set them off.

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  1. I love plaguebearers! These are a very characterful bunch, and your suitably gruesome painting brings out all the gribbly bits! Fantastic!