Monday, 23 June 2014

Necromunda Gangs

I'll expand on the gangs at a later time, but let's kick it off with a few group photos.

House Delaque - Sump Piranhas

My first foray into Necromunda. I was enticed because of the small amount of models needed to play and the availability of other players who had gangs.

Bounty Hunters

OK, so one might be an assassin, or a drop-in Spyrer and one might be just Hive Scum, but I snagged these models and they have made their rounds many times. The assassin and yellow bounty hunter might be up for a repaint though. It's been a while.


A mish-mash of acquired models, some with dodgy paint jobs, all touched up. Just need to base them now to make them a little more interesting.

House Van Saar - UnderHive Rangers

Purchased in a single block from Forgeworld, I painted up these guys in the style of the Wasteland Rangers from Fallout 3. They can sorta double up as Arbites - and I have a few robo-hounds and a couple of Dreads to kit them out a bit.

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