Friday, 13 June 2014


Quite a few years in to collecting and assembling the Dwarf army, I happened to pick up the 5th edition gyrocopter. Painted it all up as if it were the flying machine out of Young Sherlock as much as I could, and gave the pilot some nice bright colours.

But it was the original 1987 gyro model I was really searching for.

So I jumped on Bartertown, which seemed to have a fairly good community, and asked around.What I failed to do was mention the year of the model or provide a picture like the one above, (remember when phones didn't have cameras?).What I received was a bad lead recast of the 5th ed Perry model. It still had plaster from the mould stuck to it. After I went on a bit of a text yelling rant, I apologised, admitted I could have done more to explain what I was really after, then I got to work. I was going to have my desired pilot, one way or another, dammit!

Careful filing, cutting, polishing and rearranging with additions of Sculpey and I was on track. I even found some small plastic electrical tubing that was perfect for his bomb-lighting cigar. Finally I had my mad bomber pilot - and better still, this one had a part of me that no other gyro would.


I was given a big box of bits which happened to include bits and pieces of the old and new gyrocopter, and amongst those was the original Mad Bomber!

Well, I got to work assembling the copter parts into something usable, and ended up with a twin cannon, copper boiler steam flying machine of magnificence! 
Just in time to face off against Skitt's Skaven army!

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