Friday, 20 June 2014

Good Ol' Hero Quest

Well, it was one of the games that was heaps of fun to play, had heaps of models and not a heap of rules.

I once ran a 4 board Hero Quest game with 12 people - all vying for a prize of a plaster sculpted, golden cup adorned Hero Quest trophy. Little did I realise how long it would take to finish - most people were still playing at 2.30am - but wow - what a cliff-hangar!

I ended up being given a game or two, or purchasing one from a thrift shop here and there. The models within started to grow and many of them have now made their way into armies.

Lets have a look into the glorious past shall we?

The Heroes



Chaos Warriors


Mummies, Skeletons and Zombies

The Chaos Sorcerer


The Gargoyles, (being mostly terrible old bloodthirster models), were later repurposed
into cemetery gates once the undead army began to grow.

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