Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Looking for a 3rd Edition Warhammer Dwarf wizard? Well why not take a Leprechaun?

I have had this little guy for ages, so long, in fact, that he was painted in enamels. I gave him a little bit of a tidy up and thought he should make an appearance. The model is from the Talisman range, which really did come out with a great selection.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Heraldry Painting Challenge

Elector Count of the Argent Castle

I had been given the Elector Counts boxed set for my birthday by some good friends and I thought the heraldry challenge was a great opportunity to get one of them done.

I always liked the guy with the castle as his crest and so set forth to complete him in all his Countish glory.

Oh hey! Even thought the competition was very good, I won! WOOT!

Now - only three more to go.

Oldhammer Legacy Warband Entries

Lord Timothius of Pale

Over at the Oldhammer forums the 2014 Legacy Warband was conceived, whereby all that participated would paint up a miniature to join a Warband, but instead of Chaos, it would be a Warband of Law.

At the end, all entrants would go into a hat and the winner picked, which I thought was a cool idea, but I had already decided to join in and be part of something really fun.

As you can see, Axiom's camera is rather superior to my own. My sad, sad photo is below.

I hadn't painted a knight for a little while and had a spare Battlemasters knight. They are a rather good sculpt, needing only a little trimming and filling and are a joy to paint.

I really took some extra care with this one, knowing that someone was going to win him as a prize and also that he would be joining others with great paint work and detail.

Meanwhile, Skitt wanted to join in too, so I donated a painted cannon
and she painted and assembled the crew.

Bram, Jesse and Heike

The final warband - all together.