Friday, 20 June 2014

The Wheel of Pain - War Altar of Chaos

A mostly home-built project, primarily made with wooden skewers, straws, wire and glue, this centrepiece is a real joy to bring to the table.

I started it off reasonable simple, and for every battle it was in, I added more victims to it. It has now become a thing of terror, covered in offal and wriggling with maggots. Stained with blood and excrement, this hideous altar of live offerings is the one thing to strike terror into the hearts and minds of even the bravest of warriors.

Edit: Updated the base with particle board and carved notches for the altar guards. I took up the suggestion of red clear, but couldn't get Tamiya, but got the citadel red clear instead. Definitely gives it a "fresher" feel and really bloddies it up. I can almost smell it from here. I also used the red clear for the base underneath the altar with some clear 2-part gloss poured n top to make it look like a lot of the blood and yuks have soaked through into the ground.

I finally finished off the last of the Heroquest Chaos models for the green part of the altar guard and this is - hooray! - the actual last of all the Heroquest models completed!

The next phase of this is the addition of the gallows arm and more victims.


  1. This is great!! A monstrosity of gore soaked chaos :D you should buy a tub of Tamiya clear red and just pour it on like syrup... yeah... blood for the blood god!

  2. Yeah! I have heard so much about the Tamiya red clear and seen some great results. Will have to investigate.