Saturday, 11 April 2015


I decided I wanted to make a bit of terrain for the Anvil to sit in for the Dwarf vs Skaven Battle, and had an opportunity to go visit one of our local beaches to pick up some suitable stones for a Henge.

I wondered if it would give the anvil and guards a bit of cover, but mostly I wanted something a bit grand to be not only the centrepiece for the army, but something to represent the sacredness of the Anvil to the Dwarves; after all, to them it represents the Heart of their Mountain, so why not build a sacred glade?

With the stones selected, the board was cut out using a plate template and jigsaw and sanded down. With a few calculations the stones were hot-glued into place. I then cut a disc of styrene and poked the appropriate holes in it and sealed it with PVA.

The next stage was to build up the edges and smooth it all out with texture paste and repeat using water to soften it at the end. I then cleaned up the stones a bit and waited for it to dry before sanding and painting it and giving it some flock, ivy, shrubs n 'shrooms.

Now we have a sacred glade for the Anvil.

Now we have ZwergHenge.

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