Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Organ Guns

I started this crew with the guy with the two handed sword - originally named Sir Harry Candyapple or something like that. I painted him a long time ago with enamels when I was in Adelaide and my choice of colours was... questionable by some. I cared not.

Later, I acquired the organ gun and the two models that came with it. I painted up the organ gun, but left the crew unpainted for years. Until today. Got stuck right into them and finished them off in the same colours as Harry, seeing as they had that same Landsknecht look about their clothing. Aww - so sweet. The rammer even has a lovely lace neck piece.

Now, you may scoff at the colour combinations here, but I would remind you that the Dwarf Organ Gun is one of the most potent and devastating war engines in the entire game of Warhammer, so scoff at your own risk, (and inevitable demise).

The Earlier Organ Gun

I picked up this earlier organ gun at some stage, but really didn't like the "chaos" look about it. The spikes were simply overdone and created a feeling of not really belonging, so I modified it.

I cut off the top and side spikes and polished the metal down for a more refined look. The wheels that came with it seemed too small, so I swapped them for the ones that came with the bolt thrower, which I thought looked too big. I added smaller spikes on top from the skeleton swords modular kit nipped to suit, changed the damaged height screw and got it to a state I deemed worthy of the army.

The crew for war machines in Warhammer early editions seem sometimes a little haphazard, so here are the three crew I've chosen to operate it.

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