Saturday, 11 April 2015

Deathrace 40,000


Over at the Oldhammer forum, load of people are modelling up for the Bring Out Your Lead event in the UK. One of the games being played there will be run by Captain Crooks who is putting together the Deathrace. I'd really like to be there, but it's gonna be very unlikely.

I loved seeing these amazing creations people were putting together for their Deathracers and I eventually couldn't hold out any longer and just absolutely had to make one myself.

I went to the toy store and spent an agonising 30 minutes pouring over their range, trying to decide what kind of chassis I wanted and finally settled on a Corvette looking thing that had Mr Fantastic from Fantastic 4. I saw some other small tiny thing with a whopping big supercharged engine on it and picked that up too, but I wanted much better tyres than were on the original, so I managed to get them from a tractor thing for a buck.

 The 3 vehicles got murderously pulled apart and unscrewed, sanded and grinded and triple sprayed.
Working with a cast aluminium chassis was surprisingly difficult.

I had 2 metal miniguns and a plastic flamer for the main weapons and further put together the driver and co-driver from the Forgeword bits I had left over.

Much grinding. Such drilling. Many glued finger. WOW.

I initially had the flamer on the rear window, but it just didn't quite look right, so I decided to make a turret for it and put armour plates over both the rear windows . I had 3 tries before I got the armour windscreen plates right and getting it all together was amazingly fiddly.

I thought it would be funny to have the co-driver hanging out of the side window, blasting away at the competitors and even though I knew it would never really be seen, I still painted up the driver with his gas mask, sun-goggles, red plastisteel-armour and leather gloves with skull studs on them.

I used other bits and pieces such as pen tubes, straws, plastic mesh and greenstuff to achieve the parts I wanted and finally put it all together. The spiked wheel plates were made of cut up plastic and were amazingly fiddly to put together. I had to use tweezers and now have all my fingers glued together with Loctite. 

I really hope you enjoyed my contribution the the event. I can't be there, but I'm going to post the Deathreacer to Captain so he can take it with him and compete with it.

May the best racer win!

Updated: 03/08/15

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  1. It looks great! A perfect combination of parts :D I can't wait to see it out there on the track! Papapapa-peww!

  2. Love it. Good choice with the tyres.

  3. I'm gathering as many photos as I can to stitch together a race report. Stay tuned!