Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A Looming Battle between Skaven and Dwarves

See, this is what happens when you stay up painting with yer girlfriend and have just that one too many glasses of wine.

The challenge goes down when she is in the middle of painting her old school Screaming Bell and boasting about it's incredible prowess and I can't help but retort with how awesome the Anvil of Doom is, even if I made it out of polystyrene myself and it doesn't look like any other anvil model.

"So I'll take my Jezzails and shoot your Anvil and yer Smithy then", she intones.

"Fine, then I'll take my gyrocopers and show you a bit of steam cannon owie!" I fire back.

"Then I'll get a Warp Lightning Cannon and the Warplock Engineer and blow everything up and take Stokesay and his Ratling cannon and more Jezzails and gutter runners and swarms of rats 'n loads of other stuff!" she yells, waving an imaginary warpstone staff in my direction.

"Then I'll take Burlock out of retirement and his flame cannon and thunderers and lightningers and zwergs with so much armour it will look like a Hadrian's Wall but made of metal and... and... if you beat me you can melt down the Anvil. For reals. Like melt it down with a bbq lighter or summing."

Well now I've done it.

Only the Anvil, mind. Not my precious metal miniatures.

The painting of units has increased on both sides and efforts to complete entire units are underway.
What happens if I win, (I hear some Dwarf players ask through the ether)?

This guy gets a trophy built for him.


Leave it to the Ranger Women

Skull Pass Clanwarriors with Veteran and Thane.



The Flame Cannon

Burlock brings a Flame Cannon of his own

Organ Guns

Stone Thrower

Bolt Thrower

Finally, the original Mad Bomber joins the squad.


  1. Good luck, to the Skaven that is! Your anvil of doom looks great though, nice to see some scratch building instead if the static gw crap.