Thursday, 23 October 2014

Orctober Fest

Finally a good motivation to finish off the remaining models for my orc army.

It all started off with multiple Heroquest boxes and then Battlemasters and then the Sculpey giant and then the orc modular set and then some donations of GW standard plastics and 4 metals and finally some throw ins with a sale of other minis.

Well, now it's time to complete it all and here it finally is.

I have always really "speed painted" these guys in an effort to get them playable. (As a matter of personal honour and respect for my opponent, I don't play with unpainted models). Also, painted models fight harder.
This is also why I didn't mind many of the same model. After all, with orcs it's all about outnumbering the enemy.

Lets start a closer look with one of my favourite banners of yore.

Da Evil Sunz Clan

These guys I painted up from the Battlemasters sets and added the modular standard bearer. I liked the look of the modular set. They reminded me of what I thought the Big 'Uns of 3rd ed would look like. I would continue this theme of champions and standard bearers throughout the army. The shield design of the Evil Sunz clan was originally printed low quality and recently I reprinted one to fit the lot of them - having finished off another 10. The Standard is all hand painted and certainly one of my finer moments, but then again, I do love my standards.

Da Evil Sunz Arrer Big 'Uns

Big 'Uns from the modular set with a greenstuff banner. These will be my  elite missile troops. First small thing about these guys was the addition of the red arrow pattern on the tunic which I would carry on to other themes in the army, including the Warboss and the standards.

Da Skull Splitaz Clan

GW standard plastics with the addition of the shields and skull emblems from the skeleton modular set. The Champion is a Big 'Un with a skull adorned cloak from the Chaos Marauder set and the standard bearer als a Big 'Un with a random plastic standard conversion. Each of the skull ornaments on the belts also has been painted with the split skull motif.

Da Skull Splitaz Arrer Boyz

Most of these guys were GW plastic donations, with a couple of the modular later 'Big 'Uns" popped in as standard bearers and champion. The shock troop standard is a plastic and the Missile is a greenstuff banner and also painted up with the split skull motif on the belts.

Da Hed Huntaz

The majority of the two weapon models from the modular kit make up the Hed Huntaz. Each one of these models has either a skull or head trophy on their belt, with the more heads symbolising their status. This unit of Big 'Uns has the only musician in the army and the special champion, (Orc Snow - he knows nothin'), painted by my girlfriend.

Da Warboss and Da Boyz

Mostly all Heroquest orcs, I painted these guys long ago. Today they are joined by a Doc Hook the Standard bearer and Da Warboss! Da Warboss is the only metal model in the entire army and includes the motifs of the Evil Sunz, Skull Splittaz and Hed Huntaz, so he is gonna keep these boyz in line. There may also be an assassin lurking in those ranks.

Wild Boar Chariot

I loved doing the boars. Nice and easy and fun to do the patterns. The chariot is a pest though, as it really was just big enough to hold one figure, not two.

Wyrd Shaman on Wild Boar

Will need a new photo, as he has had some more work, but this shaman has entered a few games. Not particularly adept at spell casting, I decided to give him a scroll to remember his spell. He has been known to have a few mishaps in spellcasting that have left him riding the boar around like a bouncing squig.

Gazza the Assazza

You dinna see anyfing. I woz neva 'ere.

The Champ
(and also Part Time Blood Bowl Champ)

Couple of army shots to finish off.


  1. Mate you need to add the follower gadget to your blog-the one that shows all the people's avatars...anyway nice stuff on here.

  2. That's a great looking army. I especially like your banners -- the severed head is particularly striking.